Master Planning 

Emaar’s strength as a developer lies in the master planning of large scale parcels of land into diverse and active communities. The firm is able to accommodate plans that focus on high-rise, mid-rise or low-rise residential uses as well as those containing a large variation in uses, incorporating the best planning principles for mixed use communities.

Building Lifestyle 

A key element in developing any of our new communities is defining the lifestyle that can be attained by purchasers of homes. Creating a lifestyle choice is an essential part to the work that is completed at the master planning stage as it provides clients with the ability to see a static plan for the visionary spaces and activities that will be made available upon the project completion.

Quality by Design 

When it comes to architecture and design, we recruit the world’s best – our projects demand it. The exclusive golf course at Arabian Ranches had to be legendary. So to design it, Emaar turned to two of the greatest legends in the game – Jack Nicklaus and Ian Baker-Finch. The battle was even fiercer to design the Burj Dubai. From an architectural competition involving five of the world’s leading SuperTall Tower Architects, Emaar selected Adrian Smith of SOM Chicago, the talent behind China’s tallest building and designer of the new Trump Tower.

High level of Amenities 

In all of our communities, it is important that future residents and workers have access to recreational and social infrastructure. In fact, many of our communities are completed to a scale where they are self-contained with all amenities available within the community. Residents will enjoy educational facilities, passive and active park spaces, medical clinics, and shopping to meet their daily needs.

Enhancing the Value of Property 

The placement of sufficient amenities, design controls and lifestyle options aids with increasing land value within an Emaar master plan as well as the lands that share boundaries with the specific community. We find that the market responds much better to a well thought out and planned community. In fact, over time we see an increase in the value of the community as it comes to fruition and the buildings, retail and amenities come to life.

Changing the Real Estate Scenery 

The impact that our master plans have had on the real estate market is evident with the large amount of sales Emaar has been able to generate as well as continued demand for new homes, retail stores and office spaces in each of our developing communities. In Dubai,our successes have completely altered the thinking of the local marketplace.